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Project Details

The Copper Rose

Collaboration with MMK Creative
Web Design  |  Web Development
In the midst of developing and launching their brand new wedding rental company, The Copper Rose needed a site to not only tie the brand together but to essentially run the business through. In initial talks, they wanted something that would visually inspire their prospective clientele, make online ordering and check out a seamless process and give them the tools to handle the day to day with ease.

The Website

Design Strategy

In working with MMK Creative, The Copper Rose team developed a stunning brand with a very clear aesthetic in mind and a marketing plan for success. The team at MMK Creative reached out to us to design and develop a site that would achieve the look and feel of The Copper Rose brand with e-commerce functionality and an online booking management system. They wanted a site that would stand out in an industry where visual appeal is a must and brand aesthetic can mean all the difference.

Collaborating with the MMK team for site content, we designed and developed the site to include inspiration pages, an online shop, multiple collections, and a blog. Using fantastic imagery, we were able to create a virtual lookbook for customers to peruse while looking through the site. Accompanying each image, you’ll find product listings and quick links to product pages for easy shopping. The site features close to 300 products with product descriptions, pricing options, rental terms, and filterable criteria for a seamless user experience. We also aided the MMK team in setting up and integrating The Copper Rose’s online booking management system so that all orders can be tracked, organized, and fulfilled through an external dashboard. We loved this project and hope it shows on the pages of the site.

Kind Words

“[Katie] is easy and fun to work with

“I’ve worked with Katie on a few projects and have always been truly delighted by her communication, ability to problem solve, and beautiful final work product. She’s a talented designer that excels at creating websites that are aesthetically pleasing and also user-friendly, a huge win-win. She is easy and fun to work with, responsive, and always able to find creative solutions to challenging problems.”

-Meghan Marsh King
MMK Creative, Owner and Collaborator on The Copper Rose Website