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Cascade mountain ascents

Cascade Mountain Ascents
Branding  |  Web Build  |  E-Commerce

The team at Cascade Mountain Ascents came to me on the brink of launching their brand new mountain guiding service. Having worked in the industry for many years they had a firm grasp on the mission and values they wanted their brand to represent. The major points they were looking to convey were inclusivity, professionalism and most importantly fun.

I worked with the four founders to build a visual identity and brand strategy that would help them launch their perspective on the industry and build a client base that would be lining up to support them. This project features a full branding suite, a brand new website with booking integration and brand collateral.

Design for function

Primary Logo –

Color Palette

Brand Collateral

Overall the branding piece of this project was incredibly collaborative. The Cascade Mountain Ascents team provided excellent feedback that gave me the ability to really hone in the end product and build out brand collateral that spoke to their purpose and targeted their ideal clientele.

The Website

Design Strategy

Going beyond the main objective to draw in prospective clients, my goal here was to inspire users to want to explore further with the CMA team as their guides. To do this we utilized bright and crisp imagery, blocks of brand color and a topographic patterned background throughout the site. A major component of the site was the integration with booking platform, Flybook. The CMA team landed on Flybook for its trip management solutions and site integration capabilities. There are over 40 trip and course pages that fall into one of 7 categories. Each offering features its own dedicated page on the site giving users a full trip description and itinerary, as well as costing, gear lists, required skill levels and more as well as a Book Now button that integrates directly with Flybook.

The CMA team also wanted to make sure their site provided useful education tools to past, current and future clientele. Playfully referred to as their “not blog”, the resources page catalogs an extensive library of articles written by the staff that will help grow their credibility and increase their performance on search engine results.

The thread that weaves through the site is the company’s mission: The Collective Difference, working to cultivate a caring community of guides, guests, students, and partners who share a love of mountains and are dedicated to being stewards of these landscapes. I’m pleased to say that this site is a departure from what we’ve come to expect from guiding service sites and provides an inviting platform to anyone looking to go on an adventure in the mountains.

Kind Words

“Katie was a delight to work with.

She took us from square one (figuring out our brand, logo, color palette, and values) all the way through to the launch of our amazing and complex website. Her knowledge and professionalism made it easy and we were able, with her guidance and meticulous organization, to launch well ahead of schedule. We at Cascade Mountain Ascents highly recommend Katie for anything having to do with branding and website development.”

-Zack McGill
Cascade Mountain Ascents