Lessons From A Quitter
Web Design built to boost sales and build a community


Goli Kalkhoran is a well-established podcaster and career coach helping unfulfilled professionals quit soul-sucking careers to create lives they love. 

When we first connected, Goli had just completed a brand refresh, but her website was lacking. It wasn’t something she felt proud to promote and it didn’t reflect the robust brand she had worked so hard to build. 

“I felt like it was a part that was holding my business back. I constantly felt behind because it was a task to get done but I didn’t know how to do it. I constantly put off changing my website and launching my product because the tech of it overwhelmed me so much”.

Goli Kalkhoran

Fresh Lines Approach: 

I first worked with Goli to identify her goals and vision for the site. Her business is multi-faceted with both career coaching services and a podcast (Lessons From A Quitter) to promote. I wanted to make sure that both were highlighted without one taking too much of the focus. The overall mission of the site was to connect with users’ innate desire to live a fulfilling life in a career that they love. This common thread pulls you through the site to discover more of Goli’s expert advice through interviews, blog posts, free coaching calls, and ultimately the opportunity to work with Goli herself. 

“It was so easy to work with Katie. She took me through such a straightforward process to get my ideas of what I wanted out of my head and onto the screen. She works incredibly fast and really nails the vision. Every time I’ve worked with her it has been such a wonderful experience. She’s always so helpful and willing to figure out exactly what I want.“

Goli Kalkhoran
Strategy through Design 

I had so many great opportunities to incorporate engaging copy from Goli throughout the site to pull in users and get them thinking about the ways in which their lives could benefit from career coaching services. I also worked to build the backend of the site in a manner that would make future edits and new podcast publishing a simple task.

“I was ecstatic! The website looked exactly like I had imagined it. It not only had the look I wanted but it was set up in a way that was easy for me to maintain and provided my customers with the resources they were looking for.” 

After we launched the initial site, Goli came back to Fresh Lines Creative to build out a sales page and membership site for her new product – Quitter Club. For this project, I wanted to make sure this external membership site felt fully authentic to the Lessons From A Quitter Brand but still had its own distinct user experience. Allowing the user to work through self-paced modules, Goli wanted something that felt clean and clear to follow but still engaging and community-building.

“The membership site is gorgeous and so easy to use. It has allowed me to grow my group with ease. It made everything so easy!“

Results – 

Since we initially launched the new Lessons from a Quitter site, Goli has expanded her product offering, seen over $100k in profits in the first year of her membership, and grown her audience substantially. However, the biggest win is freeing up her time and creating space for all of these exciting new opportunities. 

“Honestly, I just don’t have to think about it which is such a huge burden lifted. I know the website and the membership site are just working the way they are supposed to. I know that my clients get a professional, seamless experience. The gift of not having to think about an issue is one of the biggest in entrepreneurship!”

It’s been such a treat to work with Goli over these past few years and I can’t wait to see what she does next. 

kind words from the client

"Working with Katie is a Dream"
From the beginning, she could put into words what I wanted better than I could. She took the very little and vague directions I gave and came up with a website I LOVED. The revision process was seamless, she incorporated everything I needed, and she produced a product that was better than I expected. I would highly recommend her to anyone!!
- Goli Kalkhoran
Lessons from a Quitter