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Doyle Custom Building

Doyle Custom Building
Branding  |  Web Build

Chris Doyle of Doyle Custom Building first came to us for web design to give prospective clients a look at the quality of his work. Our goal here was to show off his talent with a clean and simple style while giving customers plenty of reason to hire him. The site features project imagery as well as service options, a personal bio, and testimonials.

After a few years, Chris came back for a full branding package. We worked with him to design a logo and brand that would not only tell his story but intrigue those who happen upon it to explore further. See below for our methodology in designing this custom logo and brand.

The Branding

Primary Logo –

Color Palette

Brand Collateral

Overall the branding piece of this project was incredibly collaborative. The Cascade Mountain Ascents team provided excellent feedback that gave me the ability to really hone in the end product and build out brand collateral that spoke to their purpose and targeted their ideal clientele.

The Website

Design Strategy

Going beyond the main objective to draw in prospective clients, my goal here was to inspire users to want to explore further with the CMA team as their guides. To do this we utilized bright and crisp imagery, blocks of brand color and a topographic patterned background throughout the site. A major component of the site was the integration with booking platform, Flybook. The CMA team landed on Flybook for its trip management solutions and site integration capabilities. There are over 40 trip and course pages that fall into one of 7 categories. Each offering features its own dedicated page on the site giving users a full trip description and itinerary, as well as costing, gear lists, required skill levels and more as well as a Book Now button that integrates directly with Flybook.